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Where time travel, genetic engineering, nanotech, and artificial intelligence seem normal.

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What would the world look like if guns, germs, and steel hadn’t been able to decimate the New World? What if a petroleum-based world economy never happened? What if there are aliens, but they have no interest in conquering Earth? Rather, what if the aliens believe that humans have the potential to become the most dangerous intelligent species that had ever been encountered? What if genetic engineering is taken far beyond what people commonly think is possible today? Will it be good or bad? Will humans continue to be pure biological beings? Will they become a hybrid of biological and non-biological beings? (Hint: they’re not ugly like the Borg). What if time travel is possible? Will humans or human-hybrids achieve better results when they attempt to change history than humans have when they intervene in other cultures during their own time? These are only some of the questions that form the basis of the Renegade World series of books, an alternative history of Earth.

Renegade World Book I is available on Amazon. See the Book I page for a preview.

Renegade World: Future Past, the prequel to Renegade World: Book I, is available on Amazon. See the Prequel page for a preview.

Renegade World Book II - Alliance Tested is available on Amazon. See the Book II page for a preview.

Download the custom dictionary to your Kindle and set it as your English dictionary. As you read the book, if you highlight the first name of a character or a foreign word you will see the dictionary description.

​​​Naami, a young visionary from the late 21st century, is more than she seems. Mohkave, from the 16th century, grapples with how to please his father, the chief. Avram and Lilith are aliens. How long have they been meddling in Earth's affairs?

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